About odesie®
TTS has long recognized that the challenges faced by companies today must be addressed now and "perfect learning" does not exist except in the world of science fiction.
TTS believes the solution is not to try to improve the technology, but that the solution is found in rethinking how current technology is used to create a more effective, faster learning process; creating a process that breaks down the distinction between formal and informal learning; a process that blends all the traditional learning steps into a seamless learning journey that achieves performance-based objectives; an Online Dynamic Enterprise Solution for Industry Excellence - odesie®.
odesie® is a learning environment where that operator or technician seeking to learn about that specific piece of equipment logs on to a single portal. He or she then can search a vast industrial wiki for the topic; in context, launch a short online learning module; interact and ask questions with peers inside and outside the company; teleport to a virtual world to look at the equipment; and seamlessly go back and forth between each of those learning opportunities in any order.
odesie® is the result of a strategic vision to create an unprecedented virtual learning experience that captivates and engages the learner at a mental and emotional level. This solution was created to build synergies between numerous disparate learning tools to provide the learner with a symbiotic virtual learning experience. odesie® changes the learning process to make it faster and more effective through reinforcement and more engaging content within a contextual framework.