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StoreSeries • Module: Relief and Safety Valves I
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Module: Relief and Safety Valves I
Relief and Safety Valves I

Many industrial facilities use pressurized liquids and gases in systems to perform functions, such as tool and instrument operation, energy production, and heating and cooling. All systems, regardless of how well they were engineered or the quality of the materials used, will have a maximum pressure they can withstand before a failure occurs. A system that fails in this manner can result in production downtime, destruction of expensive equipment, and even loss of life. One method used to prevent such a failure is the installation of automatic pressure relieving devices. Two such devices, relief valves and safety valves, are used to automatically relieve overpressure conditions in systems.

This module takes 30 minutes to complete. At the end of this module, you must obtain an 80% or higher on the Test Your Knowledge for it to be marked as complete. You have unlimited attempts and the highest attempt is recorded.