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StoreSeries • Module: Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness
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Module: Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness
Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness

Hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, is a colorless, flammable, extremely hazardous gas with a “rotten egg” smell. People can smell the “rotten egg” odor of hydrogen sulfide at low concentrations in air. However, with continuous low-level exposure, or at higher concentrations, a person loses his/her ability to smell the gas even though it is still present (olfactory fatigue). This can happen very rapidly, and at high concentrations, the ability to smell the gas can be lost instantaneously. Therefore, DO NOT rely on your sense of smell to indicate the continuing presence of hydrogen sulfide or to warn of hazardous concentrations. In addition, hydrogen sulfide is a highly flammable gas and gas/air mixtures can be explosive. It may travel to sources of ignition and flash back. If ignited, the gas burns to produce toxic vapors and gases, such as sulfur dioxide.

This module takes 30 minutes to complete. At the end of this module, you must obtain an 80% or higher on the Test Your Knowledge for it to be marked as complete. You have unlimited attempts and the highest attempt is recorded.