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StoreSeries • Module: Practical Training Development Methods
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Module: Practical Training Development Methods
Practical Training Development Methods

Now that we’ve covered the Analysis and Design phases, the Development phase of the ADDIE model can begin. As discussed previously, development commences based upon the selected delivery strategy outlined in the Content Design Document, or CDD. There are certain commonalities of all development efforts; specifically, each learning object will be based upon the following:

  •  Create a Prototype
  •  Develop the Course Materials
  •  Standardized Review and Revision Process
  •  Testing/Piloting Process

The amount of time spent on each step will be dictated by the project type and client expectations. For some projects, an extensive prototype development must take place first before the client signs off on moving forward with the entire project. Other projects will require a more intensive pilot session or development of the actual course materials.

This module takes 30 minutes to complete. At the end of this module, you must obtain an 80% or higher on the Test Your Knowledge for it to be marked as complete. You have unlimited attempts and the highest attempt is recorded.