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StoreSeries • Module: Materials Handling
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Module: Materials Handling
Materials Handling

The efficient handling and storing of materials is vital to industry. These operations provide continuous flow of raw materials, parts, and assemblies through the workplace, and ensure that materials are available when needed. Yet, the improper handling and storing of materials can cause costly injuries.

Some of the most common causes of material handling injuries are:

  • Improper manual lifting or carrying loads that are too large or heavy
  • Being struck by materials or being caught in pinch points
  • Crushed by machines, falling materials or improperly stored materials
  • Incorrectly cutting ties or securing devices

This module takes 30 minutes to complete. At the end of this module, you must obtain an 80% or higher on the Test Your Knowledge for it to be marked as complete. You have unlimited attempts and the highest attempt is recorded.