Welcome to odesie!

This quick start guide will give you a brief description of each section.
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Home Page
The homepage is where you will start each time you go to https://www.myodesie.com.
The navigation bar at the top of the homepage is how you will access all the different areas of odesie.® The bar will always be accessible, no matter where your learning journey takes you.
Changing Your Password
While you are logged in, go to MENU, then ACCOUNT. Here you can change your email address, your first and last name, as well as your password. Once you have changed your password, the one received in your registration email will no longer work.
Content is sold in several different ways. Industrial Training Programs make it easy to purchase content that is specific to a particular craft; while in our Off the Shelf Content area, you can purchase an entire series or subject area, or pick and choose specific modules. Simply click on the shopping cart icon to add the selection to your cart, then click View Cart to finish your transaction. You must be a registered, logged in user to make purchases.
My Courses
Content purchased from the Catalog is found here. On the My Course homepage, you can view a tutorial on how to navigate through the My Courses section, launch your training, view your grades and more!
Industrial Wiki
The Industrial Wiki is an in depth database for learners interested in further education.
Learning Activities
Learning Activities consist of small games focused around a particular topic, objective based learning quests, and virtual worlds.
To open activity, click on the thumbnail. Unity web player must be installed.
Video Archive
The Video Archive showcases industrial based videos in various topics. You do not have to be a logged in user to watch the videos. However, if you would like to leave a comment or give a rating, you will be prompted to log in.
Click the thumbnail of the video you would like to view, then click the play button in the middle of the video screen.
The Forums are a great way to share information and discussions about topics dealing with odesie® and industry. The Forum is grouped into different categories, each having topics.
Click on the grey indented topic to view posts.
Event Center
In the Event Center, you can register for open conferences, paid open enrollment classes, and see what events TTS will be at.
Additional Help
Along with the tutorial, there are several other helpful features available. Simply click on the HELP icon in the upper right-hand corner to display the four different options: User Guide, FAQs, Contact Support, and System Requirements.